Anna Ivakhenko
I'm Anna Ivakhnenko, a passionate fashion designer and the creator behind the Anna Ivakhnenko brand. This website serves as a window into my world - where inspirations meet creations and where my collections come to life.

My love for fashion runs deep, woven into the fabric of fate and handed down by my grandmother— a precious legacy. At just five years old, I held my first needle, weaving threads through its eye. Sitting on my grandmother's lap, I crafted garments for my cherished doll, surrounded by the comforting hum of her old sewing machine. Her canvas bags held treasures: one for fabrics and the other for wooden bobbins. By twelve, I was fashioning clothes for my mother and babushka. From needle to needle, I've embroidered the tapestry of my life.

I've always had a fascination with dressing up and crafting outfits. They say that the eyes are windows to the soul, and in many ways, clothes reflect that sentiment. At sixteen, I landed a job at a sewing workshop, my first exposure to patterns, the art and the rich history of costume making. It was there I sewed my first dress — a cherished keepsake to this day. "Burda" magazines and televised fashion shows fueled my inspiration. As I delved deeper, I realized how clothing serves as both a statement and a means of self-expression. What was once a hobby morphed into an unwavering passion, akin to my personal violin d'Ingres. The spirit of the nineties, blending into the early twenties, deeply influenced me then and continues to inspire my work today.

The creative spark I felt at fifteen continues to kindle my heart's desire for creation. In 2011, following the man of my dreams, I moved to Belgium, where I obtained my diploma in business design at the Château Massart school in Liège. My "Russia" collection garnered the school's annual fashion show's jury prize, leading to an internship with a Liège designer. Collaborating on a dress for actress Isabelle Huppert was a turning point. Winning the Musée de la Vie Wallonne's "Un chapeau à croquer" competition for my felt capeline, now a part of the museum's collection, and gaining the right to participate in Brussels' Fashion Days 2015 were milestones.

Having always sewn and designed for myself and my loved ones, I had long dreamed of building my own brand and becoming a fashion professional. Being aware of sustainability issues, I stay abreast of raw material advancements. My brand champions a sustainable, eco-responsible approach to fashion, from materials to production. Partnering with a factory producing eco-responsible fabrics, I advocate responsible consumption.

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